I've been a photo enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I started in Digital with a Kodak DC210, progressed to a Kodak Z7590, then came (which I still use some) a Super Zoom Panasonic FZ35, probably still the best camera around for the buck, or the latest Panasonic FZ200. I'm now shooting with a Canon 600D T3i DSLR. Although the Canon Rebel is an awesome camera, it is lacking for shooting video as it has no auto-focus for that mode, so I keep my Panasonic Super Zoom handy which also shoots great hi-res or HD video.

Some photos are for perfection, some are for expression and some are just for memories, but saving them and sharing them are the purpose. Feel free to comment or share your tips, ideas or links.

All of my Auto and Motorcycle Racing photos
have been moved to HallettFotoShoppe.com


People make beautiful faces
Pets who own people
Beautiful & Unique Scenery
Beautiful Scenery
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Wild Life and Not so wild...

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